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Wart Removal

Medical Laser Treatments
Nowadays, it is rather easy to treat warts and other skin lesions that proved hard to conquer in the past. The new advanced in medical laser made all of that possible.

The Healing Laser
Medical lasers use an intense beam of light that directly target the affected area sparing the healthy surrounding tissue.

Red Skin Lesions
Theses are due to blood vessels directly below the skin surface. These could range from spider veins, Cherry spots, strawberries, to large port wine stains.

Brown Skin Lesions
These could range from a simple freckle, to age spot, to sun damage, to large mole. Your Dr. will let you know what is the best option to treat these lesions.

Age spots, spider veins on the face usually respond within one to two treatments. Dark birth marks, port wine stains requires additional treatments. Ask Dr. Mamari during the consultation about what to expect with your results.

Most patients will see drastic improvement after the treatments. But, like with any other surgical procedure, results may vary based on the patient.

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Lasers are very precise in targeting the affected area only sparing the healthy surrounding tissue. Therefore there is a little downtime, minimal swelling and pain. Needle or stitches usually are not needed and recovery is fast

Is Laser Treatment Painful?
Rubber band snap is how most patients describe the discomfort associated with laser treatment. Topical anesthetics is an options for patients with low pain tolerance.

Other Skin Conditions
Age Spots, sun-damaged skin, tattoos, moles, warts, skin tags, stretch marks, acne, keloid scars and many other skin lesions could be treated with the new advanced medical lasers.

Before / After
wart removal beforewart removal after

wart removal beforewart removal after

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