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Dr Mamari

Anthony Mamari, MD
Cosmetic Laser Surgeon

E-mail - lookyourbestnow@yahoo.com
Phone - 859-442-9000 Kentucky
Phone - 513-221-1111 Cincinnati

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As a cosmetic laser surgeon, Dr. Mamari has a special interest in treating, rejuvenating and healing the skin with new leading edge laser technology. He uses the most advanced laser treatments available in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Fort Thomas, Kentucky area.

He is also a pioneer in the advanced COOL SKIN LASER technique which delivers quicker healing and less redness when treating skin blemishes.

Dr. Mamari also specializes in NO SCARRING procedures.

He graduated from the University of Cincinnati Medical School and has served the Greater Cincinnati Community since 1990. Dr. Mamari completed his cosmetic laser surgery training with world-renowned pioneers in this field.

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