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Collagen Injections

What Is Dermalogen?
Dermalogen, contains intact collagen fibrils, elastic network, and proteoglycans similar to the native skin dermis. Dermalogen is processed so it can be injected into the human skin to repair defects.

What Types Of Conditions Is Dermalogen Best Used For?
Dermalogen can be used for treating facial contour defects. The most common treatments involve: naso-labial( sides of the nose), peri-oral lines( above the lips), the vermilion ridge( between the eyebrows), oral commissures( "smile Lines") and depressed scars( e.g.,acne). Consult your physician to determine if you are a potential candidate for Dermalogen treatment.

How Long Does A Dermalogen Treatment Last?
The companies results to date with its similar autogous human tissue matrix show significant correction for many months after final treatment for most patients. Ongoing clinical studies are being conducted with Dermalogen.

Is Dermalogen Treatment A Replacement for Laser-Skin Resurfacing, Chemical Peels, Or Dermabrasion?
No but it can be efficacious when used alone or in concert with these procedures for the treatment of facial contour defects.

How Many Treatments Are Required?
Typically two to three treatments are required over a three-month period to correct most dermal depressions. Improvements with Dermalogen are progressive. After the first treatment you will see some change, but each additional treatment yields more improvements.

Are The Treatments Painful?
Your doctor will inject Dermalogen with fine gauge needle. Most patients have found these injections tolerable with the use of Xylocaine, used in dental procedure.

What Will I Look Like Right After Treatment?
Most patients the improvement in appearance is immediate. Some patients find that their skin, at the injection sites, is red or blanched for hours after treatment. If you have a history of bruising, a bruise may result. Your physician will discuss other potential side effects with you during your consultation.

The Donor Tissue is Safe.
Tissue comes from donors in much the same way donated organs do. Other applications for processed donor tissue include burn surgery, periodental (gum) surgery, and bone implants. These number in the hundreds of thousands of implants per year. Tissue donors are very carefully tested. The tissue banks follow federally mandated guidelines.


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Collagen InjectionsCollagen Injections

Collagen InjectionsCollagen Injections

Collagen InjectionsCollagen Injections

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